Foley hits out after United loss

United manager John Foley
United manager John Foley

WORTHING United Football Club manager John Foley was left seething at the officials after he felt a number of decisions went against his side in their 3-0 defeat at Chichester on Tuesday.

After going behind to an early George Landais goal, United had a Chad Milner effort ruled out for offside, before the same player could have had a penalty, but tried to stay on his feet.

Foley, however, was left fuming at Chi’s second goal early in the second half. He felt the ball went out of play for a corner, but Chi played on and Julian Boniface put the ball into the net.

To add insult to injury, United’s Josh Hughes then broke clean through from his own half, only to be flagged offside, before Frazer Smith added Chi’s third late on.

Foley said: “I am pretty good with referees normally, but I had to go and apologise at the end as I lost my cool and I nearly got sent off, as they had a shocker.

“We had two disallowed for debatable offsides and then they scored a ghost goal. Our goalkeeper saved the ball off the pitch, as he did not know where he was, it went out for a corner, but the linesman waved play on and they played on and scored.

“It’s not great when one of their players turns around to our goalkeeper and said it had gone miles off.

“It made it valid to me that they said the ball had gone out of play. I do not want to be the guy that moans about referees, but it was ridiculous. It’s frustrating as the lads did everything I asked of them tactically.”