Hinshelwood frustrated by defending in cup defeat

Worthing boss Adam Hinshelwood
Worthing boss Adam Hinshelwood

WORTHING Football Club boss Adam Hinshelwood was frustrated with the goals his side conceded in their Sussex Senior Cup defeat last night.

Rebels exited the competition 3-0 in the quarter-finals at home to Burgess Hill and Hinshelwood said: “It was really frustrating. You can’t gift a team like that goals – it was like ‘welcome to Worthing, here’s a goal head start’.

“We were in a position to deal with it. James Nicholls has come across to deal with the ball but Matt Hurley could have come and dealt with it.

“The second goal was a long throw and that was just basic to deal with.

“Then the third goal, the lad is facing the touchline and we dive in, then switch off and it’s in the back of the net.

“I find it really frustrating because I’d like to see the stats of the game but we’ve now lost 8-1 to them in two games at home.

“They’re just well organised and have got some experienced players, while we’re young and possibly a little bit too expansive but I don’t think that is what is causing us problems defensively, with conceding goals.

“It’s just about being switched on and organisation.”

Hinshelwood added that he will be happy as long as his side start to learn from their mistakes.

He said: “As long as we’re learning, I think we will get there. I’m really pleased with the nucleus of the side. If we can keep that together and finish strongly, it’s something to carry into next season.

“We’re not coming off thinking we’ve been out-classed or been undone by quality opposition. Out of all the games this year, I feel that’s only happened in one game and that was at Hendon.

“Even at Chelmsford, I felt that the first half hour we just conceded two goals and it was two penalties and that changed the game.

“I find it really frustrating but I said to the lads that as long as they’re learning, we can deal with it but we’ve got to learn sooner, rather than later.”