Hinshelwood praises players after budget is cut

Adam Hinshelwood
Adam Hinshelwood

WORTHING Football Club manager Adam Hinshelwood was full of praise for his team’s performance against Faversham on Saturday, after he revealed the playing budget had been cut in the week leading up to the game.

Rebels lost 2-1 in injury-time to the Ryman League South Division leaders but, speaking afterwards, Hinshelwood said: “The lads had a bit of a bombshell on Thursday when they were told the playing budget has been cut by quite a considerable amount.

“For them to come out and perform like that against the team top of the league was a credit to them. They could have quite easily said ‘no, I’m not going to do it’.

“We’ve got a meeting on Monday - hopefully to find out where the club is going.

“It was really refreshing to hear the lads’ attitude on Thursday. They were asking questions like fans, they want to know where the club is going.

“None of them want to leave, we just want to know a little bit about what direction the club is going and it will be good to get as many people along to the meeting on Monday.”

Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting, which will take place in the Rebels Tavern at Woodside Road from 7.30pm on Monday.