Mullets ‘desperate’ for local support

Charlotte Marchant on Mullets' Mill Road pitch
Charlotte Marchant on Mullets' Mill Road pitch

ARUNDEL Football Club has called on local people and businesses to help the club out, with the situation now described as ‘desperate’.

Charlotte Marchant, the daughter of Mullets chairman, Bob, is seeking help for the club as the Mill Road pitch is still under water.

She fears for the future of the club, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, as it looks doubtful that they will be able to play a home game again this season.

The club has lost income from gate receipts and the clubhouse being shut as Mullets have not played at home since December 7.

Even when the water does subside, the sea salt damage to the pitch will result in the pitch requiring a new playing surface to be laid, while the drains, floors and signage all needs refurbishing.

Charlotte, 19, is seeking local people and businesses to help the club. She set up the Facebook group “Arundel Football Club needs local business and community support” on Monday and the page already had more than 400 likes less than a day later.

Charlotte is hopeful that local businesses and residents can support the club financially, while help will be needed to get the Mill Road ground playable again when the flooding eventually subsides.

She said: “It’s a very bad situation and it really is desperate now.

“Even when the water goes, the sea salt damage will mean that the pitch will need a new surface.

“The club needs financial support. It has lost so much income already and it is not bringing anything in at the moment.

“My dad has been the chairman for 14 years and has said he’s never seen it so bad.

“I grew up down at the club and it’s just horrible what’s happening.

“The pitch could take months to recover and my dad has it in his head that they won’t be able to play another home game this season.

“We need help from local businesses and volunteers to help out around the club, fixing fences and things like that when the water subsides.

“We’ve had a lot of support already from local clubs and footballers and there were more than 400 likes to the Facebook group after just 16 hours.”

Mullets’ Mill Road pitch, which is on the River Arun floodplain, was first flooded in early January when the river burst its bank and flood gates were opened on to the surrounding low flat ground, which the football club is on.

Since then, the club briefly managed to get drainage pumps on the pitch to lose some of the water earlier this month. However, the constant rain and high tides has seen the pitch flood again, with the surface still under water now.

Anyone interested in helping out Arundel can contact Charlotte through the Facebook group.