Rebels ‘failed to turn up’ in FA Trophy clash

Pictured is Worthing manager Kieran Collins
Pictured is Worthing manager Kieran Collins

WORTHING Football Club joint manager Kieran Collins blasted his side for ‘not turning up’ at AFC Sudbury in their FA Trophy clash on Saturday.

Rebels failed to start well in Suffolk and found themselves 2-0 down at half-time and the hosts sat on their lead after the break and booked their spot in the first qualifying round and banked £2,500 prize money.

Collins said: “It was so disappointing. We prepared everything and set things out after going to watch them play, and, at the end of the day, the players did not turn up, they just did not show up.

“It was a senior side out there after the League Cup game where we played a young team and, in all honesty, we would have been better off playing that team.

“Again, it was an opportunity to earn the club a bit of money and to not turn up is criminal. The players are getting paid whatever they are getting paid and to just not put in a performance isn’t on.

“You cannot keep having players saying ‘sorry, I didn’t put it in today, I owe you a performance next time’. If you get beat fair and square by a better side, when you’ve given all you can, you have got to hold your hands up, but that didn’t happen.

“Spirits were really high on the way up there and we kicked off and, the same men who played at Merstham, now looked like they had never played together before. Myself and Lee (Brace) are very frustrated and very disappointed.”