Rebels heartened by messages of support

Woodside Road
Woodside Road

WORTHING Football Club say they have been heartened by the messages of support since the meeting at Woodside Road last week.

At the meeting, Rebels revealed that they had debts of almost £200,000 and have to find £6,000 per month to open the doors before any football-related costs, including paying wages.

The club also had to cut the playing budget last month but Rebels boss Adam Hinshelwood has managed to keep his squad together, apart from striker Terry Dodd, who has left after scoring once in nine appearances following his move from Lewes in October.

Rebels admitted in a statement that they need more help from people to change the club for the better and another meeting is planned to discuss how the club can move forward.

Following the meeting, Paul Kelleway resigned as commercial manager, saying he no longer wanted his name associated with the club as he had been left disappointed by a number of things.

Worthing company secretary Alistair McKail revealed this week: “We have had quite a few positive responses and it is heartening to receive all the messages of support.

“We have already found a replacement commercial manager and we are having other interesting conversations.

“We haven’t set a date for another meeting yet but will give an update once we’ve had the chance to talk to people.

“I’d like to think it will be sometime in the new year.”

Rebels manager Adam Hinshelwood feels that the best option for the club going forward could be to start again in the County League.

He wants to see a club with ambition and with a way forward and said: “Things are a bit sketchy at the minute.

“At the meeting, the only real suggestion was for the club to liquidate and go down to County League Division 1, or Division 2 possibly.

“At least that would give the club a future and some ambition if we do that.

“Listening to everyone’s comments, it looks the only solution possible. Providing we stayed here (at Woodside Road), we’d keep the fanbase to a certain degree and, for me personally, I’d much rather be at a club that is ambitious and has the drive from the board.

“Going down to County 2 doesn’t bother me too much – I want to be part of this club when it’s got ambition again and has a way forward. That’s the same for the players as well, I can’t say that they’d all come down to County 2 with me but that’s why we called the meeting.

“We just want a picture for this football club – to make it worthwhile for us all to be here.

“We might have to take one step back in the short term but we know everyone is doing all they can behind the scenes.

“A lot of people came out to the meeting because they want to support the club and they want to see a future for Worthing Football Club.”

Anyone interested in helping the club can call 01903 239575 or email