Champion Noah was “born to cycle”

Noah Ridgeway-Brown
Noah Ridgeway-Brown

A GIFTED young Lancing rider who was “born to cycle” has added another national title to his already impressive haul.

Twelve year-old Noah Ridgway-Brown won the UK National Omnium under-12 title by just a single point at the Halesowen Track in Birmingham last month.

The young cyclist is a member of Preston Park Youth Cycle Club and a partner member of local VC Jubilee.

The Omnium was made up of five different races and he came first in the scratch, time trial and devil, and, although he had a disappointing points race – after another competitor came out of their line and caused him to crash – he then came third in the sprint to become the overall champion.

Noah’s mother, Kate Killick has described her son’s love of cycling and believes it’s his real calling.

She said: “Noah has always been sporty from an early age. At five years old he preferred to watch the The Tour de France and Ski Sunday rather than Teletubbies.

“Neither his dad or myself were into cycling, or from a cycling background, his dad loves cycling now and Noah and him enjoy the many events together.

“He never sees cycling as a chore and he is always excited about competing. If he could, he would do nothing else but cycle all day.

“I truly believe he has been given a gift and was born to cycle. Noah has every confidence in himself and is always focused and has the belief that he can and will be the best. I find him truly amazing as this is a path that he chose himself.”

Ridgway-Brown now holds the title for the under-13 BSCA National Hard Track Champion, under-14 Sussex Champion and under-12 National Champion.

The cyclist, who has also been a member of rugby and football teams, as well swimming, athletics, tennis and gymnastic clubs, is now training even harder for next year as he will have to compete in the under-14s and will be a year younger than most of his competitors.