Countdown to the Olympics with cyclist Pete Mitchell

WITH the springtime being quiet from a racing point of view, the past few weeks have been spent with a slightly different focus – for a change, it is not about how fast you go on the bike.

It means I have had the luxury of time to spend working on a few technical issues, such as positional tweaks and altering a few elements at the gym and trying a few new things.

Ironically, this has led to me going pretty well on the bike, but I see this as an indicator of why these things are important, and the potential that they have to improve how fast I do go when it really counts.

Off the bike, it has also been an interesting time. As well as V-Sprint developing, I have tried to explore other options that are available to create an income for me as an athlete.

One of these was motivational speaking, which I had my first go at for Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago.

It is something that I will continue to pursue and develop as I see it as such a valuable skill to have. Needless to say, I am perhaps not an expert yet after the first attempt, but it’s a start.

As well as presenting an award at a primary school, I have also embarked on trying to find a sponsor for the upcoming year.

I have been supported by a local firm for the past four years, but that has now ended, and I am keen to replace them. It seems to be the case that people assume we are tied up in GB deals and don’t have time for any personal support.

In reality, I benefit massively from the arrangements that GB have with sponsors such as Sky and Gatorade, but as an individual it is up to me to find my own sponsorship.

I have been able to make some good contacts recently, so, hopefully, things will develop. If nothing else, it gives me something to do with my hours spent sitting on the sofa resting!

That has taken things to where I am at today. Over the next few weeks, I have a racing weekend in Newport, a week on the road in Majorca and a Good Friday track meet to look forward to, so plenty to write about in the next column.

It is looking likely that I will be able to compete at the under-23 European Championships again this year (my last year), so the year is starting to build nicely.

As always, @PeteMitchellGB on Twitter is where you can keep up to date with my progress.