Countdown to the Olympics with sprinter Sophia Warner (week one)

Sophia Warner
Sophia Warner
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As part of the countdown to the Olympics we have a new weekly column from local athletes in the build-up to London 2012.

Sprinter Sophia Warner has kicked things off in the first week:

I AM a 2012 potential paralympian – a 200m and 100m sprinter classified as T35, meaning that I have cerebral palsy.

I am a Worthing Harrier and coached also out of Lee Valley in North London.

I am ranked number three in the world in the 100m and two in the 200m and am on a mission over the next 12 months to be the very best that I can in 2012.

So, we are now just about a year from the opening ceremony for 2012. The only thing that stops me from being incredibly nervous about this, is the additional three weeks that I have as a paralympian before it starts for me.

Off the track, it is hard to believe that there is still so long to go as there is so much hype.

I have been involved in so many activities relating to the Olympics, such as talks at schools, businesses, opening fêtes, Take Part (The Sussex Sports Festival) and that is to name just a few.

On the track, the heat is really on for any potential 2012 athletes.

As the host country, the intention is to leave no doubt that the British team, both Olympic and Paralympic, is a force to be reckoned with.

With this, comes the best facilities and coaches and all athletes can feel that something big is coming.

For me, personally, since I opened the year at the World Championships with a bronze and a silver medal, the entire journey and focus is how will I convert these to gold?

This translates into a gruelling 30-hour week, training both in the gym and on the track – five days on and two days off.

Competition season has also just started for me. I returned from the German Championships on Sunday evening with a gold medal in the 100m and an enormous personal best.

I am now two-tenths of a second from being number one ranked in the world and every day is now about taking another step nearer.

It is now about getting the best results in competition, ready to set me up for a very hard winter training.