Countdown to the Olympics with sprinter Sophia Warner (week three)

Sophia Warner
Sophia Warner

As part of the countdown to the Olympics our weekly column comes from local athletes in the build-up to London 2012.

THE last few weeks have been the busiest and most exciting so far in my athletics career.

Last week marked the year to go until the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games and it has been very encouraging how much the media in the UK are really getting behind the games.

I have had numerous radio, TV and media interviews and, really, the greatest challenge has been to stay focused and grounded in the here and now.

I have also started to go out into businesses to give talks, which used to terrify me, but I now realise that this is how I am probably going to support my family over the coming months.

In amongst all of the excitement, training has been tougher than ever and I have mainly been focused on repetitive speed work and this has involved many hours down at the track perfecting my start and my first 40m.

My season so far has been great – all of my races have been significantly quicker than the World Championships in January.

I have just two more races left and then am back into winter training one last time before the games.

Tomorrow morning I head out to Portugal to a training camp to trial, where the GB team trials will be held ahead of the games next year.

I will have 10 days there with some of the other Paralympic athletes and the UK athletics staff.

I will then return to the UK and race – this simulates what I will do next year and is, therefore, perfect preparation.