Our season was a failure - Thunder captain Brame

James Brame in action against Leicester
James Brame in action against Leicester

WORTHING Thunder Basketball Club captain James Brame feels the season has been a failure after they failed to qualify for the final fours weekend.

Speaking after the 86-79 defeat to Leicester in the EBL play-offs quarter-finals on Saturday evening, Brame said: “We let ourselves down and we’ll look back on the season as a failure.

“We let ourselves down in the league and the play-offs was a chance for redemption to get into the final fours and go on to try to win something.

“But we haven’t done that and it’s a failed season, which is very disappointing.”

On the defeat to Leicester, Brame said: “Hats off to them, they wanted it more on the day.

“They put everything on the line and I think we might have been looking at the final fours match. We had our hearts set on playing London Leopards in the semi-finals.

“But Leicester out-worked us. There were times in the game that it looked like we were going to win but Leicester had good rotation, are well coached, they did their home work and their pressing game messed us up.

“We let ourselves down. We couldn’t get on a run and they out-muscled us and it was a horrible game for us. But it was kind of the story of our season.

“Everything was geared up for us to be successful but it hasn’t happened for us. Every game has been hard and every team we’ve played has wanted to beat us as we came down from the BBL.

“We came out and looked out-of-sync tonight and it’s a devastating loss.

“We’d been playing a lot better in the last few weeks but they did a great job on Marcus Tullis and Courtney Small and doubled up on Hank Rivers under the basket.

“They also did a great job on Bud Johnston and their game plan worked.”