Sutton completes Purbeck Marathon

WORTHING Strider’s runner Pete Sutton recently competed in the Purbeck Marathon and described it as “one of the most beautiful.”

The race is limited to just 400 runners and is slightly longer than most with a 26.7 mile circuit.

Purbeck is notorious for it’s spectacular views as runners go off road and take in views of the Jurassic Coast.

Sutton eventually claimed 15th place in the overall standings and clinched fifth spot in his category.

The Strider’s runner really enjoyed the race and was surprised with his position.

He said: “Given the course profile, I had no chance of claiming a personal best time, so I was very relaxed going into the race.

“However, that changed after 15 miles of the race as a spectator told me that I was in 32nd place.

“Marathons are usually about time and I had never even consider the possibility of a decent placing.

So I thought I’d see what I could do in the last 12 miles.

“Despite a walk-run strategy on the steepest bits, I gradually picked off runners in front of me and I managed to finish in a high placing.”

The eventual race winner was Steve Way, who finished 10th in the Commonwealth Games Marathon earlier this year.

Other Strider athlete race results:

Littlehampton 10k:

Steve Fryer: 39:32

Paul Hewitt: 42:06

Simon Grundy: 42:54

Neil Terry: 45:00

Tim McGrath: 47:08

Darren Armstrong: 50:20

Bill Savage: 50:46

Wes Harris: 51:37

Rob Holmes: 51:48

Mary Crabb: 52:51

Kevin Valentine: 58:07

Sue Harmston-Essex: 1:00:41

Sarah Tester: 1:13;49

Hove Park:

Dawn Cobbett 25:42

Jackie Bone 27:37

Laurie Carter 28:39

Stef Ransley 36:30


Richard Speller 21:38

Sue Harmston-Essex 28:55

Worthing Striders have started a new beginners course on Wednesday mornings with competitors meeting in the Sea Lane Cafe at 9.30am.

The course is run by qualified coaches under the Run England scheme.