Volvos in action at Arlington

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ON A GLORIOUS summer’s evening at Arlington Stadium, 25 Volvos of all shapes and sizes were given one last hurrah in Spedeworth’s annual All Volvo event.

The classic Volvo 740 estate favoured by many antique dealers, along with a few more modern cars, were afforded a final attempt of glory as they raced the oval track, in an event that included a destruction derby to completely finish off all the participants.

From the start, the action was hard hitting as expected. With cars renown for strength and robust ability, these attributes were well and truly tested during the night.

Harry Balchin (Worthing) and Ryan Cunningham (Lancing) both had rather eventful evenings, which to their credit resulted in both of them, taking home little more than a pile of scrap metal.

From the outset, both were clearly on a mission to enjoy themselves spinning everything in their way.

Cunningham in particular, was intent on putting paid to the chances of his arch rival Steve Anscombe in his 740 Volvo estate.

Once he had lined up the Dream Team member in his sights on the home straight, Cunningham put in a hefty lunge into the back of the estate. The impact was so hard, that the force felt through the engine bay, somehow sparked off a fire under the car.

At the re-start, with Anscombe’s problems on the estate being terminal, Cunningham’s evening was complete.

Not to be outdone, Balchin also quickly got involved in the action. He powered through to take third place in the first race, and then win the second.

The final was not for the feint-hearted though, as a succession of big hits went in around the raceway. Wrong place, wrong time meant a driver on his debut was a victim of Balchin’s aggressive but fair driving.

At the drop of the chequered flag, he had managed to shunt and wreck his way through to a very credible fifth place.

Next Wednesday (July 3) at Arlington, Spedeworth offers the rare chance to see some very different formulas.

Topping the bill are the US influenced Oval Track Legends.

The banger action on the night also offers something a little different in the form of ladies’ bangers.