Trip number 65 for West Sussex Touring Party

West Sussex Touring Club have now clocked up 65 annual trips.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 10:00 am
West Sussex Touring Club squad

Once again a visit to Tenby, south west Wales, resulted in almost an complete week of sunshine for the nomadic touring party.

The trip coincided with secretary Chris Rolph creating a new travelling record of 36 consecutive tours and 32 in his current role with the West Sussex tourists.

The previous record holder, Ken Armstrong, passed away a week after returning from his 35th tour (also in Tenby back in 2014).

Fittingly Ken’s son, Paul, travelled down at the end of the week to hand Rolph an engraved trophy to commemorate the feat of passing the record.

Six games were played during the week, with club president Ned Waddock and captain Roger Ayling leading their troops to four wins and two defeats playing clubs from all over Pembrokeshire.

The player of the tour award was keenly contested and won for the fourth time by Steve Hawkes, who pipped Ian Younger, Barrie Tottman and Norman Burchfell.

The list of long serving tourists continues to grow, with eight of this year’s party having been on 20 or more trips.

Record holder Rolph (36), Hawkes (32), Graham Allen and Alan Catterson (25), Ayling (23), Bill Bryder, Joe Gilpin and Kevin Mitchell (21).

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