Dawson – We just aren’t learning our lessons

W43646H13'''Worthing  Raiders v Esher Rugby action from the game
W43646H13'''Worthing Raiders v Esher Rugby action from the game
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KIERON DAWSON cut a frustrated figure after Worthing Raiders’ defeat on Saturday as he admitted his side simply aren’t learning their lessons.

The Worthing head coach felt his side were heading for their first home win in National 1 when they took a nine-point lead early in the second half against Esher.

A reoccurrence, however, of simple mistakes and poor play in the set piece, saw a strong Esher side hit back to seal their sixth win of the season with a 25-19 triumph.

Dawson said: “I am getting sick of saying it and you guys must be sick of hearing it. Again, it was a good performance, but poor execution.

It’s disappointing, but we have got to understand it’s ok saying our effort levels were high and we’re doing well, but we have got to be more clinical in attack. At 19-10 I thought the game we done and dusted, but we missed a couple of line-outs and they get back in the game.

“Our defence was really good last week and we took that on another level today, so we just need to get it where all things marry together.

“Our set piece is letting us down and at this level that is not acceptable, we need to sort that out.

“I keep saying it and we keep banging it into the players, we have got to learn from our mistakes, stop giving away penalties in crucial areas and execute our line-outs, that’s why we spend hours practicing them in the paddock on Tuesday and Thursday nights and then we go into the match and a crucial line-out, we miss it.

“Even by then we had another chance to score with a scrum and we didn’t run the attack move that we drill every week, someone decided to go himself and the gap that was there closed and on those tight margins we are losing games.

“We keep saying it, we are just not learning.”