Matt Farnes’ final Raiders column of the season

Matt Farnes
Matt Farnes

WELL, that is the season over and what a year it has been. A lot of ups and down but, ultimately, it finished how it began.

The season has seen us grace the highest level of rugby Sussex has seen and really set out a marker. Unfortunately, it has not ended in how we hoped and, unfortunately, relegation has happened. It was a very tough league and, in hindsight, a few more personel up front and it may have been a different story.

The boys who have played in the Raiders shirt this year have put everything into it and have done the club proud. There have been some notable performances from the likes of Scott Barlow, Liam Perkins and the Richards brothers. I’m sure one of them could be picking up a few awards on Friday at the Raiders awards night.

Looking forward to next year, if we can retain the majority of the squad and recruit in the right areas, I think an immediate return is on the cards. We will have Henley to contest with again, which should be a fascinating battle, along with strong teams in Cambridge, Canterbury and old friends like Redruth and Launceston.

But, from myself and the boys, a massive thank-you to all the supporters this year and we hope you will still be there next year to back us in our bid for an immediate return to National 1. Raid on!