Miles wants Raiders to be more clinical

Raiders captain Matt Miles in action at Tynedale
Raiders captain Matt Miles in action at Tynedale

WORTHING Raiders Rugby Club captain Matt Miles feels his side need to be more clinical after they lost 37-31 away to Tynedale on Saturday.

Raiders picked up two points from the game – a four-try bonus point and a losing bonus point – but let slip a 26-17 half-time lead and Miles, who made his first start of the season, said: “It was disappointing as we let a lot of points up. They scored three tries from scrums, including a penalty try, and they got one from us dropping the ball at the last minute.

“We’re good enough to win but our clinicalness and ability to finish is letting us down.

“Even though we came away with two points, it was still disappointing. I felt we were the better rugby team on the day but it’s just that lack of clinicalness, which has been the constant thing in all of our games so far.

“We get ourselves into a position to score but the final pass lets us down, the ball gets dropped or we knock it on. We need to start punishing ourselves when we make these mistakes in training, so that we’ll get the reward in games and we’ll connect with that last pass.

“Collectively, the defence was a lot better on Saturday but we’ve conceded the most points in the division now.”

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