Ferring's Sebastian Sacco hits the US TV screens in Christmas movie

Born in Shoreham and brought up in Ferring, Sebastian Sacco is playing the lead in a new festive movie hitting TV screens across the US this Christmas.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 9:56 am
Sebastian Sacco

A Christmas Recipe for Romance (2019) was shot in Canada and is now being sold to TV channels in the States and also in Canada.

Sebastian is hoping that it will be available on Netflix at some point.

It is all proving a great way for Sebastian, who moved to Los Angeles a couple of years ago, to make his mark.

“I play Jason Corwin who is a celebrity chef who has gone through a scandal,” Sebastian explains. “That’s where the film really starts. He has left New York where his business was, and he is hiding out in an inn in the middle of nowhere. Abby, who is the owner of the inn, is really struggling to make ends meet and to keep it going, and she ends up entering a food competition.

“She is trying to win the competition to win the money, but she is an awful cook. She finds out who my character is and asks me to help… and there maybe a little bit of romance along the way!

“He is a really interesting character to play. He loses his brother.

“It was the Corwin brothers that actually got famous, but his brother dies tragically and suddenly. He really goes through this period of loss…”

Sebastian, whose parents still have the same house in Ferring, the only house he has ever lived with them in, went to school in Worthing and also Seaford College before going to Winchester University to study media production.

“Acting was something I had always loved doing as a child, but I ended up dropping it because I wanted to make my father proud and go into business, so my first year at university was business which I really hated. I spoke to my dad and said I wanted to do drama and he wasn’t so pleased, but I decided I would do media production instead. I finished my degree and really enjoyed it, but I still wanted to do acting, so I was starting to go up to London to get a job in media production but actually I was trying to get into acting jobs.”

In the end, his dad said if Sebastian was so driven to act, he should go for it. But without a drama degree, he’d fallen behind in London where he started to struggle.

However, he started to get calls from the US for “self tapes”, tapes he’d be asked to send out to the States for possible jobs.

Sebastian realised he was getting nowhere in the UK, but in the States there was at least the possibility of getting somewhere. And so Sebastian made the move.

And so far so good. With the film, he’s taking advantage of the chances that are now coming his way, though he wouldn’t say he will necessarily make his permanent base in the United States.

“It definitely feels like home here now, but I don’t know if I want to stay here forever.

“LA is a very interesting place, but I don’t know if I would want to have a family here. But I do feel, with the people I have met, that it will always play a part of my life.”

The Brit accent works in his favour, even if there are plenty of Brits over there: “It is like a plague!

“But I would say it is definitely an advantage. I would say that 60 per cent of the roles that I go up for are still American, but you have 40 per cent that are British and that is a slightly smaller market.

“There are a lot of Brits, but there are a lot fewer than there are Americans!”