Rubik's Cube challenge is no match for pupils

More than 120 children from Downsbrook Primary School in Dominion Road, Worthing, took on the difficult challenge of solving a Rubik's Cube.

Saturday, 30th June 2018, 10:43 am
Pupils from Downsbrook Primary School, Worthing, took part in a Rubik's Cube challenge

Pupils from all classes in the school were invited to take part in the task, with badges and certificates given to everyone who had a go.

Iain Buchanan, year five teacher, said: “Solving a Rubik’s Cube develops a wide range of skills from coordination, concentration, determination, resilience and problem solving, to memorising complex algorithms. It is also claimed to boost self-esteem, combat stress and make you happier.

“Mastering the cube takes a great deal of practice and provides a welcome break from screens for many young people.”

A celebration assembly took place, with certificates being awarded to the children who had managed to solve the puzzle, which has frustrated people ever since it appeared in shops in the 1980s.

Iain added: “There was also a timed challenge with the winning pupil able to solve their cube in an astonishing 41 seconds.”