Sussex West County Guide Choir delights its Littlehampton audience

REVIEW BY Marilyn Hurdwell

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 4:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 4:30 pm
Guide choir concert held at the Windmill theatre


Entitled “VOCALS VARIETY VERSATILITY”, the Guides fully lived up to their description!

The choir was originally formed in 1984 for a National Guide Song Contest and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Young Leaders and Adult Leaders joined together with a stunningly varied repertoire of Ballads, Pop Classics, Musical Theatre and Guiding Songs

Led by Juliet, Joan and Lou, they were accompanied by guitars, recorders, piano and backing tracks, along with various drums and sticks! They appeared firstly in uniform, then brightly coloured costumes, and several varieties of dress including Nuns’ Habits for “I will follow Him” from “Sister Act”, performed by senior members

Particularly memorable was a sequence from The Lion King, complete with fantastic masks. This section was entitled Africa Explored and included Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata (I have the T shirt!) then Kuku and La Dumi Zulu, with wonderfully precise drumming. I was also most impressed by their delightful close harmony singing, and the energy, slickness and verve pervading the whole concert

The second half began with a musical tribute to the British Isles, again with traditional costumes and flag-waving. One group did Irish dancing, another Scottish dancing, then Welsh songs and English Morris dancing – complete with bells and sticks. Other sets featured love songs and the traditional Hebrew Hava Nagila. The Greatest Showman was celebrated with A Million Dreams, Never Enough and This Is Me, and after Singing in the Rain (a ravishing solo tap dance by Ruby Hother) the grand finale wowed with Seasons of Love from “Rent” and The Rhythm of Life from “Sweet Charity”

The large audience showed their appreciation at the end of the afternoon, with parents, grandparents, families and friends proudly supporting the young (and not so young) performers. The whole show was repeated in the evening – one wonders how they had the energy to do it all over again!