Worthing band Noisy learn the lessons of lockdown

Worthing band Noisy are emerging from lockdown with a new appreciation of what it is all about.

Tuesday, 22nd September 2020, 10:00 am

Their latest single is Put A Record On, and there will be an EP behind it, probably coming out in October.

Cody Matthews, from the band, will look back on lockdown with mixed feelings: “In a way, it was a lot of stress because we had a lot of shows, a lot of good opportunities to put our band out there and to make new fans.

“And then with lockdown, we thought we could lock ourselves away and write a lot of music. We were not allowed to see each other because we don’t live together. There are three of us in the band, including me. We tried to write on Facetime, but it just wasn’t possible.

“We need to feel the energy and the vibe of being with each other in the studio. We write 100 per cent of the time in the studio usually, every day. It was exciting to try Facetime and it might have given us ideas and stuff coming up, but it just didn’t really work.

“For lockdown I bought a set of DJ decks and taught myself how to DJ and also wrote a bit of music on acoustic guitar. I was just trying as much as possible to do anything musical – which is my passion.”

Finally the band was able to get back together again: “It was wicked. We went back into the studio and wrote a song straightaway. We hadn’t lost anything. We just needed to be in the room together. We have been writing together for eight years now, and we know each other so well, but you still worry that it won’t be the same, that anxiety that it wouldn’t be as easy. But it was great.

“Really there was nothing positive about lockdown except it was a good time for the world to step back and take a pause and realise that we need to look after each other a bit more and just be nicer people.”

Cody believes it will have changed the band: “We had only been this band in public since last October.

“We had only played a handful of shows, and we had big plans… and then that was taken away.

“It was awful, but when we get to play again, hopefully we will have more people and hopefully it will be amazing. Before lockdown, I think we just took it for granted being able to play.”

Cody is pleased with the latest single: “It is my favourite Noisy single so far. We want to let it do its thing for a while and just to let it grow. We don’t want to cut it off. I want to let it speak for the band. It’s one of those songs that I always put on when I am travelling, that I talk about. I just feel that it really represents our band. It represents what we are and what we are trying to be and what we want to be in the future.”

As for the sound, Cody would describe it as rap electronic pop with a bit of hip hop: “It is alternative, but it is a lot more than that. We listen to such a wide range of different artists and I think you can hear so much in it that it is almost like a genre in itself.”

It’s also about an attitude: “The band are for all the Friday guys, for all 20-somethings smashing it on a weekend, spending five days aching and then getting out and doing it again.”

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