Worthing writer and musician Latos Xx offers new EP

Worthing writer and musician Tom Latos – who performs as Latos Xx – has brought out a new EP entitled Much To Think About.

Monday, 14th September 2020, 10:00 am
Worthing writer and musician Latos Xx

It captures all that’s been happening in his head at a difficult time for all of us.

“The EP started a few weeks ago. I had a tarot reading with someone, and they said ‘You need to finish every project that you think about because it is going to benefit you.’ And it is true: sometimes I think about things and I don’t really finish them.”

And so he resolved to make music for a week without telling anyone and then release it as a surprise – definitely not the way he usually works.

“I am usually pretty vocal about what I am going to do! But I liked the idea of doing it this way. I had no pressure. I could do what I wanted, and it was quite exciting just to drop it when I was ready. You can lose views because it has not been anticipated, but it is actually really exciting too.

“It is just me performing. In the past, I have had close friends that have made instrumentals for me, but with this it was just me on GarageBand.

“You can record music with it. It has got lots of non-copyright loops which you can use to create a band. You can sing on it. You can put filters on and change the volumes.

“I have never really been into wanting to be in a band. I want to do my own thing. I tend to write about my own experience, and I am quite a performer by myself – and I don’t want to compromise that.”

What emerged was five songs which Tom is putting out under the Much To Think About Title: “Usually I am writing about one topic, but with this one, it was different. I am talking about family and I am talking about war and I am talking about relationships and just the fact that I am a 17-year-old just about to become an adult. In this burst of inspiration, I had a lot on my mind. Usually I am quite singular in what I am writing.”

Tom is delighted with the results: “Like with my book, it does feel that you can go through a lot of stress and a lot of pain and create something that is yours. That’s why I always encourage young people to write things down, whether they write a poem or music or whatever, just to write something down about the way you feel.

“It is an easier way of getting it out rather than turning to drugs or alcohol or punching a wall or violence and getting into fights. You can channel a lot of what you are feeling into your writing.”

And it is good that the EP has emerged from lockdown and immediate post-lockdown – a time Tom has managed to cope with.

“If this had happened a year before, I would have missed my GCSEs which I had worked really hard for, so I would be been pretty annoyed, and if this had happened a year later, I would have missed my A levels.

“College finished in March, and I had been so excited about the plays and all the things we were going to do.

“I have coped with the online lessons quite well, but performing artists have been quite restricted in what you are able to do.

“As an artist, I am really into shows and making music, but you have just got to do what you can.”