Young Worthing musicians take to the stage for BIMM Academy concert

Like a scene from School of Rock, young musicians took to the stage at Worthing College to showcase their hard work at a weekend music academy.

Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 1:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 1:33 pm
End of term gig at BIMM Academy Worthing

Playing to an enthusiastic audience of friends and family, students from BIMM Academy Worthing played tracks from artists including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ed Sheeran and Feeder.

BIMM Academy Worthing is a Saturday music workshop at Worthing College for people aged seven to 16 to learn an instrument and play in bands with their classmates.

Disciplines taught at the classes include guitar, bass, drums and vocals, each of which has a dedicated tutor for the group to learn from.

End of term gig at BIMM Academy Worthing

Joe Welsh, manager, said: “We welcome complete beginners and introduce them to playing an instrument and also then playing in bands together, we are proud of what we do here.”

The two-hour workshops include an hour of tutorial with one of the music experts, followed by an hour playing in bands and practising songs which lead up to an end of term show.

Some of the children who rocked the stage at the concert had never picked up an instrument before starting at BIMM academy.

Joe said: “It is a really good confidence builder, you see their personalities come out.

“It is great fun to see how quickly they progress from playing in bands. Playing at home can be a bit lonely so getting with other kids is great.”

Max Warren, eight, had never played drums before joining the academy, and his parents said they are proud of him for being part of it.

Max said: “It is really fun. When my mum told me I was going to the classes I wasn’t sure but when I went I thought it was good and maybe I should come back.”

Alfie Gravett’s parents said taking part in the classes and the end of term gig have been the making of him, as before he could play the guitar but was nervous to perform in front of anyone, even family.

Alfie, 12, said: “It brings people together and it is really enjoyable. It is one on one and so you are learning all the time.”

The academy also holds workshops in Brighton and Eastbourne, and Joe said they welcome children from a wide variety of backgrounds who all share a love and passion for music.

Students are able to use instruments provided at the academy so can benefit from the classes even if they do not own a drum kit or guitar.

One of the parents said the teachers are very supportive so it was no surprise when the students gave a huge thanks to their tutors at the end of the gig and all left the room with a big smile on their face.

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