Attention, all budding actors!

South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding. Photo by Derek Martin
South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding. Photo by Derek Martin

Smartly dressed extras are needed as extras in a new movie being shot in West Sussex.

Aspiring actors aged between 25 and 65 can join the set at South Lodge Hotel in Horsham on Tuesday, August 6, from 9.30am for the Sussex-based thriller A Dark Reflection.

Billed as Erin Brockovich meets All the President’s Men, A Dark Reflection is set in and around the county and is already drawing great support on both sides of the Atlantic.

Actors include Georgina Sutcliffe, former Coronation Street star Bill Ward and Marina Sirtis, known for her role as Deanna Troi in Star Trek.

Up to 200 people are being offered the opportunity to feature in the film, by award-winning director Tristan Loraine of Fact Not Fiction Films.

Filming is for a business conference and extras should be dressed in smart casual clothing.

Find out more about the film and how to get involved here. Information about the actors and filming so far can be seen on their Facebook page.