Charlie is the darling again as CAOS stage The Wedding Singer

Charlie Frame enjoyed it all so much this time last year that he’s now doing again, with a different company.

After success in The Wedding Singer with Rainbow Musical Productions in Bognor Regis, he’s reprising the central role of Robbie Hart for Chichester’s CAOS Musical Productions.

The show famously takes us all back to the 1980s, an era Charlie wasn’t around to remember, but once again he’s relishing every moment of his musical journey.

It’s 1985, and Robbie Hart is a rock-star wannabe, who still lives in his grandmother’s basement. Rather than fulfilling his ambitions, he is New Jersey’s favourite wedding singer, the life and soul of the party until his fiancée Linda jilts him at the altar. Devastated, Robbie makes every wedding he sings at as disastrous as his own.

And then he meets Julia...

“A friend of mine, Sarah, directed the show last year, and she’s also directing this one,” Charlie said. “It’s a bit bizarre coming back to it, but it is great. Being the age I am, I didn’t know the 80s, but it is such a fun, vibrant show. The dialogue is funny. I have done quite a lot of shows before, but a lot of them have been quite serious, so it is great to do a really funny one now – and with such great music.

“The part I am playing is obviously the same, but all the other characters around me are different. I do find that I am delivering lines in a different way because I am reacting to different people.

“I find that I am getting more from it second time around. I am trying to get the balance of the characterisation thorughout, and I am trying to get more truth from it.”

Rehearsals started in August which has given Charlie the chance to really work his way into the part once again, and he is looking forward to the show’s extended run, particularly as the production is at Chichester College in a theatre he knows well.

“I went to Chichester College. It will bring back lots of memories. I was there from 2009-2010 on the acting course.

“It is quite a small theatre, and Sarah the director has had quite a challenge, but I think that the greater intimacy that we will get is going to pull in our favour.”

As Charlie says, it helps that it is such a great role to play. When Robbie is jilted, he goes completely off the rails.

“He just spirals out of control, and there is a great song that he sings for all the losers out there!”

Charlie, originally from Bognor Regis, is currently studying for a degree in creative writing at Portsmouth University – a course which he is hoping will be a springboard to a future in acting.

“It’s the only thing I do that feels comfortable. I know that sounds cliched.

“I love musical theatre, but I trained at Chichester College in straight acting. Acting first and foremost is my passion.”

Once the show is over, Charlie will focus on filling out those application forms for drama school. He’s hoping this show will help.

“I have been very lucky. I have doing shows locally since I was 17. My first big production around here was Rent back in 2009.”

The Wedding Singer will be staged from October 28 to November 2 at 7.15pm plus Saturday matinee at 2.15pm, at the Riverside Theatre at Chichester College.

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