Exciting dance company set to make a Commotion for the Festival of Chichester

A busy day lies ahead as Vicki Hargreaves brings her company Commotion Dance back to her home city for the inaugural Festival of Chichester.

On June 22, Commotion Dance will offer a workshop followed by a show – twice in the same day.

The company presents Ready or Not Workshop in Studio 1 at the University of Chichester at 10.30am and 2pm (£2 per child for the performance; parents go free).

Vicki is promising a fun and accessible creative dance workshop, looking at themes of the show and using props and music from the show.

And then comes the show itself at 11.30am and 3pm, again in Studio 1 at the University of Chichester (£3 per child; parents go free).

Vicki formed the company three years ago: “I used to live in Chichester. I grew up in Chichester and then went to study at Winchester University, doing dance and choreography, and from that degree, I formed the company. We then became associate artists at The Point Theatre in Eastleigh, and from there we started to create work.

“My ambition is to make contemporary dance and creative dance for children at a young age. They are the next generation of dancers and the next generation of audiences. The piece we are doing for Chichester is for under-sevens.

“It’s all about encouraging people to move, encouraging parents and children to dance together. Children don’t have any inhibitions. Parents are perhaps a little bit more wary to start with, but soon after they are fine.

“Creative dance is really a form of expression. It’s about using your body however you want to rather than having a strict routine to conform to. We are able to use a lot of props, which is really good stimulation for everyone. Our piece in Chichester is a prop-based piece where we use colourful children’s tunnels and we use a children’s play parachute.

“We are doing workshops followed by the performances. Those coming to the workshops will have more insight as to what the show is about. The show is about making friends and teaching children how to play together and to work together. The workshop is family based for adults and children together, and then they all watch the show straight afterwards.”

Vicki has done workshops in the area before, but this will be her first show in her home city.

For the company, she is the choreographer and artistic director: “I have got four dancers who were all auditioned.”

Tickets for festival events are available from www.festivalofchichester.co.uk or 01243 813595 or Cloisters Shop, Cathedral Cloisters, Chichester, PO19 1PX (open Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm). More details on www.commotiondance.co.uk.