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Duncan Stenhouse, aged 13, reviews Cars 2:

Cars 2 is the mind-blowing sequel to 2006’s Pixar Animation Cars.

The film consists of Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), who has now won his 4th Piston Cup, and is headed for the World’s first Grand Prix.

Meanwhile Mater, the tow truck from the original movie gets mixed up in a world of espionage after he is accidentally mistaken for an American agent by Phinn Mac Missile (voiced by Michael Caine) and Holly Shiftwell.

Together, the three cars must work as a team to foil the evil doctors plan to destroy the cars at the Grand Prix in order to sabotage alternative fuel production.

To viewers, this remarkable film is not just another boring sequel but an entirely different story. The movie cleverly depicts the life of spies and is in some cases a spoof of James Bond as well as hilarious.

The gadgets are great, the special effects are amazing and the storyline has enough adrenaline to boot Toy Story 3 out of the water. What more could any child or adult want from a Pixar animation?

Also, throughout the film Mater and Lighting’s friendship grows even when in the trickiest of situations.

It just goes to show that even Cars need friends and a little bit of love now and then…

Cars 2 is a definite 5/5 from me and is perfect for all the family. So get yourself down to your nearest cinema, treat yourself to refreshments (mine is a large popcorn and Coke) and get ready to be literally lifted off your seat by Lightning McQueen and all his friends in this action packed sequel!