FILM: Smashed (15)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been garnering rave reviews and awards nominations for her portrayal of a recovering alcoholic in James Ponsoldt’s heartfelt drama.

School teacher Kate Hannah (Winstead) and her husband Charlie (Aaron Paul) both enjoy a drink but booze rules their lives and it is the glue keeping their marriage together.

After a drinking binge that almost ends in professional suicide, Kate decides that she needs to quit the liquor and agrees to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with the school’s vice principal, Mr Davies (Nick Offerman), who has been sober for nine years.

At the meetings, Kate befriends her sponsor, Jenny (Octavia Spencer), and makes good on her promise to turn her life around.

However, Charlie and her mother (Mary Kay Place), who both drink to excess, threaten to wreck Kate’s good work and plunge her back into the pits of booze-fuelled despair.

Released: December 14 (UK, selected cinemas), 81 mins