FILM: Treacle Jr

OUT of the blue, Tom (Tom Fisher) walks out on his wife and baby boy and casts aside all of the trappings of his previously happy and comfortable existence.

He lives on the streets of London, where he clashes with a group of violent youths.

In his haste to escape, Tom runs into a tree.

Spirited away to A&E, Tom meets happy-go-lucky Aidan (Aidan Gillen), whose shiny optimism is a tonic.

Tom is too polite to ask Aidan to leave him alone and so the homeless father resigns himself to having a shadow, who slowly but surely worms his way into every aspect of Tom’s faltering life.

However, Aidan is blind to his own problems, particularly his troubled relationship with his violent and emotionally unstable girlfriend Linda (Riann Steele).

Released: July 15 (UK, selected cinemas) (15, 82 mins)