FILM: Villain (15)

Ryuichi (Satoshi Tsumabuki) meets Yoshino (Hikari Mitsushima) through a dating site but she cruelly rebuffs him one night and chooses to go home with wealthy Masuo (Masaki Okada) instead.

The following day, her lifeless body is discovered by the police and the investigation into her brutal murder begins. Yoshino’s vengeful father, Yoshio (Akira Emoto), believes that Masuo is the killer and he sets out to make the rich kid suffer.

Ryuichi returns home to his grandmother (Kiki Kirin) but when evidence comes to light linking him to the killing, he goes on the run with unhappy saleswoman Magome (Fukatsu Eri) by his side.

A media circus descends on the old woman as her grandson and his lover go in search of a new and better life but the authorities are on their trail.

Released: August 19 (UK, selected cinemas), 139 mins