Goring artist gets publishing deal

Artist Peter Allwright with one of his paintings W02050H12
Artist Peter Allwright with one of his paintings W02050H12
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THEIR power to evoke memories of childhoods spent at the beach have already made Peter Allwright’s prints a big hit with the Worthing audience.

And now, his colourful coastal-themed pieces are set to become loved nationwide after he was signed up by major fine art publisher Collier & Dobson.

The firm, which also represents popular artist Jack Vettriano, contacted Peter following his exhibition at the Ardington Hotel at the end of November last year.

Peter, who works from a studio at his home in Lancaster Road, Goring, said: “It came about after Simon Margaroli, the manager at the Ardington, asked Brighton-based artist Sam Toft if she would endorse my show.

“She said she would and I didn’t think anything more of it, until I got a phone call from Philip Collier, who represents her, asking to come and see my work. He said he loved it and then signed me up.

“I was absolutely over the moon and had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.”

Peter paints in the Naïve style, which gives his prints a child-like quality. He used to work as a cartographic draughtsman, but around 15 years ago changed career to become a full-time greetings card artist.

Then, in 2009, he decided to fulfil a long-held ambition of becoming a painter, and took a six-week course on oil painting.

He said his style is self-taught, and even before taking the course he always knew what and how he wanted to paint, so he just used it as a way to perfect the technique.

Peter, who is a member of the Association of British Naïve Artists (ABNA), said his main aim with every painting was to produce a feel-good factor.

He added: “Illustrating warm summer days at the seaside is a great way to achieve this as a lot of people will have fond memories of days spent at the beach and, hopefully, my paintings will remind them.

“A feature of my style is the crowds of people, painted in strong, bright oil colours.”

Now he has been signed by Collier & Dobson, Peter’s work will be displayed in galleries around the country and on the firm’s website. The first time his latest work will be displayed will be at the NEC in Birmingham from February 5-9, and he will also host an exhibition in the main gallery of the St Ives Society of Artists in Cornwall later this year.

Peter’s pieces feature scenes of the beach at Worthing and Worthing Pier, as well as more generic coastal vistas. His latest collection also features a print of kitesurfers, a winter scene and one of a cricket field.

Each is unique in that it features lots of people, which Peter said due to his previous work as a draughtsman making him a stickler for this kind of detail.

And those with a keen eye will spot Peter, his wife and two children within the crowds in each of his prints.

To view Peter’s prints and greetings cards designs, visit www.peterallwright.com