Grease will be the word for BROS in Bognor Regis!

BROS Musical Productions are promising to make you feel glad to be alive when they stage one of the great, upbeat shows.

Their production of Grease will be at Bognor’s Regis Centre from November 13-16 at 7.30pm (2.30pm matinee on November 16).

BROS chairman Al

BROS chairman Al

And while they won’t have Olivia Newton-John or John Travolta, they will have more than enough youthful exuberance to send you home happy.

BROS chairman Al Amaladoss is predicting a great show, with all the right elements: “It is up to date, something different, it has got a young cast and is very energetic, and it is popular and recognisable.

“It’s our existing membership plus we have got a few new young people joining us. We have got a few new young men, maybe half a dozen or so, which is good.”

It all comes at a time of transition for the society as it negotiates its way through changing times: “We have got a very low baseline membership at the moment, but we are about to revise our membership structure. We are going for a lower annual subscription but we are getting rid of the acting/non-acting division.”

The hope is to create a bigger, stronger, more vibrant membership, essential, as Al says, at a time when brand loyalty is diminishing: “People don’t say any more ‘I have been a member of BROS for all these years; I want to carry on.’ If they don’t feel that you are doing what they want, they won’t continue.”

The point is: “We need young members otherwise the society will die away. There will also be those that are keen to perform. We have got to be able to attract them.”

Al has been chairman for three years – three stressful but enjoyable years: “I feel a great loyalty to the society. I want to enable people that want to perform. I enjoy seeing what they do, but I also think that the society needs to be kept alive. That’s my motivation – but I do think that that is quite old-fashioned. Most people are looking for something for themselves, for the pleasure that they can get.

“But looking to the future, having a more diverse and more vibrant membership is probably the starting point. We do value our older members, but we have got to get younger people involved.

“Our audiences have been healthy. We didn’t do desperately well with (their most recent show) Mack And Mabel, but over the last three years, we have done reasonably well with our audiences, and we are hoping to do stunningly well with Grease.”

In many respects they need to. It will cost £18,000 to stage Grease, with £5,000 of that going to the rights holders. Before they even start, BROS know they need to sell tickets in good numbers – particularly on the back of the comparative disappointment of Mack And Mabel.

“We just need to adapt,” Al says. “We just need to be flexible. That’s why we are changing some of our membership rules. We want to make sure BROS continues beyond its 90th anniversary in 2015.

“If you come to Grease, you will see something live, something energetic. People will be going out with a spring in their step. To some extent you can get a buzz when you watch Grease on TV, but when you see it live, you really do feel part of it.”

Again, times are changing. You can no longer take it for granted that people who have always come to see BROS will continue to do so; but with Grease, Al is convinced he’s got just the right show to tempt people out at night.

Tickets for Grease are available on 01243 861010.