Herald’s Katherine gets her caricature drawn

Caricature Artist Sean Savage draws Deputy Content Editor Katherine Hollisey-McLean W50610h11
Caricature Artist Sean Savage draws Deputy Content Editor Katherine Hollisey-McLean W50610h11

I COULDN’T help but feel a bit nervous waiting for the “big reveal”.

My caricature had been drawn by the very talented Sean Savage, and I felt a certain level of anticipation as I sat in his little studio waiting for it to be finished.

I needn’t have worried, however, as my first reaction on seeing my likeness – and one I’m told is a very common one – was one of amazement and laughter.

It’s fascinating to see how somebody else sees you, and I loved the way Sean had captured me, even adding in the detail of my reporter’s notepad and pen.

I had gone along to meet Sean, to have him draw me and to find out more about how he got into the industry. He explained it had always been a passion, and is still something he loves to do.

Sean, 45, said: “I have always loved drawing, and I always found it pretty easy at school, but I wasn’t so interested in learning about the masters or going to museums or anything like that, so after my A-levels I started my professional life.

“I have always drawn caricatures for fun, for friends and family and colleagues, and people kept saying they would pay for them. So, about five years ago, we set it up as a business.”

Sean and wife Sharon, also 45, run Savage Caricatures from their home in Fifth Avenue, Lancing.

By day, Sean works as a design draftsman, but in the evenings and weekends he is either out at showbiz parties, weddings and events, or completing commissions for private customers from the small studio he has created in his back garden.

Despite the fact he has drawn thousands of people, modest Sean said he still gets nervous about what people will think.

“When I do a big event, the first one is always the most nerve-racking, but once I get it out of the way I feel ok,” he said.

“I have talked to a lot of thespians, and they have told me it’s like the first couple of minutes when you get out on stage.

“I really enjoy doing it, though, and I love to see people’s reactions, especially children.”

To book Sean, or to find out more about his work, visit www.savagecaricatures.co.uk or call 01903 761022.

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