Photographer launches Worthing50 project to give Worthing an identity

A MAN from Worthing is trying to give his home town an identity with a self-made photography exhibition.

arren Mclachlan of Wiston Avenue, Tarring, plans to take 50 photos, of 50 people, in 50 different places and will have a quote from each person alongside the photo.

The project, known on twitter as #Worthing50, is dedicated to the memory of Darren’s brother, Melvin Mclachlan who died unexpectedly aged 24.

Darren said: “Twenty years ago my brother died very suddenly and he had a very nice camera which I then picked up and started taking photos with.

“Then I got myself on a course at Northbrook College. Photography is something I have got a lot of interest in and I have always been creative, but after this I wanted to start taking more than just family holiday shots.

“I have owned and used a camera for as long as I can remember, but the summer of 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the reason I started taking photos.”

Darren, 39, is letting the participants choose a place that means something to them, be it their own garden or a park bench, and the quote will explain why they chose the place.

He said: “Worthing is my home town and a place I hold close to my heart, but what is its true identity?”

Darren chose the Coast Café near Splash Point for his own photo.

He said: “It’s a place where I like to go in the summer, especially to chill out and create new ideas.”

So far, Darren has had three people show interest in the project, but needs to get more on board to hit his target of exhibiting the photographs in June.

He said: “I want to do the photo shoots in March and April time. One thing I have been thinking more and more about is exhibiting the photographs in an empty shop. Is 50 photos quite a lot to do? Who knows, but I’m still determined to make it happen.”

Darren will take up to 20 shots of each participant in their chosen location and will send them digital copies for their own use. Anyone interested in getting involved with the #Worthing50 project should email Darren on or follow him on twitter – @DarrenMPhotos.