Photos of ‘hidden’ Nepal by Worthing grand-mother

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A WORTHING grand-mother who took up photography more than 35 years ago has unveiled her latest exhibition.

Cynthia Levett, 84, took the photos in 2008 after she and her husband, Cyril, searched in vain for the Royal Bengal tiger in the Chitwan National Park in the Kingdom of Nepal.

She then travelled to the village of Tharu – which is accessible only by canoe and oxcart – and took photos of the people who live along the southern strip of Nepal in the Terai lowlands.

Cynthia, of Goring Way, said: “We found it very rewarding to meet these people, especially in Tharu village. They were very friendly and quite amenable to having their photos taken.

“And for candid photos they were ideal because they didn’t look at the camera and grin all the time. They got on with what they were doing.”

Cynthia, who has a Royal Photographic Society associateship, which recognises photographic skill and technical competence, started photography more than 35 years ago when she joined what is now known as Worthing Camera and Digital Club.

At the time, she developed photos in a dark room, but has now embraced the use of modern technology in her photography.

She added: “When I started, I used to develop my photos in the dark room – now I take digital photos and use Photoshop. I always said I wouldn’t go digital but, like everyone else, one has to move with the times or be left behind.”

The exhibition, which comprises 40 A3 digital pictures, is being held at Worthing Library, in Richmond Road, and will continue until Saturday.