PICTURES: Northbrook College joins forces with high school students for fashion show

IMAGINATIVE high school and college students joined forces to create a stunning “all-British” fashion show.

The event was inspired by the work of the late fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, and saw students model clothes such as paint-splattered jeans, ripped tops and decorated jackets.

Four BA make-up students from Northbrook College organised the project, inviting talented textile pupils from Durrington High School to help design new outfits by reusing old clothes.

Northbrook student, Lauren Baldry, described the project as “challenging”, adding: “We only had eight weeks to organise this.

“We wanted to work with a group of kids so we went in every Wednesday after school and did a workshop for an hour.

“We took a load of clothes from a charity shop as wanted them to up-cycle their clothes.”

She said of the high school pupils: “They have been really enthusiastic about it from day one.

“They are interested in what we have been doing and they have been really excited about creating the clothes.”

The show was based on four prominent decades – the teddy boys from the 1950s, the swinging sixties, 70s punk and the new romantics from the 80s.

Watch the picture slideshow to see all the photographs taken during the show and backstage.