This week’s film releases - October 24

This Is Where I Leave You (15) has a wealth of stars that certainly gives the impression this could be good fun.

The likes of Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Rose Byrne and even Jane Fonda make up an impressive team and director Shawn Levy has a strong background.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Serena

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Serena

The plot sees four grown up siblings gather together after their father dies to live under the same roof for a week, along with exes, spouses and hangers-on

Soon old rivalries and dislikes surface.

Heralded as the scariest horror story this year, The Babadook (15) has all the right ingredients - scary kid, slightly deranged mother, old house and a spooky book.

The plot sees a single mother recovering from the violent death of her husband who is also trying to persuade her son there isn’t a monster living in their home - or is there?

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper team up again following the successful Silver Linings Playbook for Serena (15).

This time it’s set in Depression-era North Carolina.

George Pemberton’s (Cooper) timber empire becomes rather complicated after he discovers that his wife Serena (Lawrence) cannot bear children.