Book launch for Steyning author

Geoff Green
Geoff Green

The 22nd Floor, available on Amazon, is the new book from Steyning’s Geoff Green, aged 78. The

book will be launched at Steyning Book Shop on Wednesday, October 16.

“Two ideas were the catalyst for my story,” says Geoff.

“I’d watched a documentary and read about the multi-billionaire and philanthropist Warren Buffet; how he led a simple life yet managed to operate a multibillion-pound empire, with minimum staff, from a single floor of an office block and give most of his money to good causes.

“The second idea came following my two visits to Sicily where I expected signs of sophisticated gangs or Mafia; men in black cars, sharp suits and sunglasses – these two disparate worlds, both harbouring secrets and making money on an epic scale.

“There is collateral damage. The idea that even the most honourable people may unwittingly be influenced by something or someone who has criminal intentions appears to have universal appeal.

“My love of Sicily, my interest in the underlying influence of Mafia on ordinary citizens, and my admiration for Warren Buffet’s style of business acumen seemed to morph into a particular narrative. I enjoyed creating diverse characters who could be the goodies or the baddies. And that they could end up as either, at any point in the story.

“Jeremiah Travers is super-rich. Zena Marshall knows how he made his money, his secrets, the collateral damage and why he’ll live to regret it for the rest of his life. She intends to bring him down and they’re about to meet for the very first time.”

Geoff added: “The 22nd Floor is my fifth book. The first, Paying for the Past, was a non-fiction account of an eccentric crime I was drawn into during the 1970s. Since then I have published three stand-alone novels: The Sand Hide (2015) alcoholism, abuse, betrayal and escape to the desert; Cold Friends (2016) – someone is about to reveal your past; and The Prisoner of Brenda Brown (2017) – kidnapping is a serious crime.”

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