Exhibition shows off best artwork by Durrington High School students

Artwork by year ten and 11 art and product design students from Durrington High School was displayed to showcase their best work from school projects.

Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 12:34 pm
Students showed off their artwork at the Best of the Best exhibition

The Best of the Best exhibition was featured at Colonnade House in Warwick Street, with four huge self-portraits hanging in the window as well as textile work from year ten upcycling projects.

Abbie Thompson, whose self portrait was used for the advertising poster of the show, and also hangs in the window, said she was very proud of her work and her parents said it was very special to be able to view her work in the space.

Inside the gallery every wall space, window ledge and window was filled with works of art using a variety of different materials, colours and textures.

Students showed off their artwork at the Best of the Best exhibition

Tia Lobb, who had several pieces of work on display, said: “It is really nice to see the work outside of the classroom and have somewhere that friends and family can see it.”

Several items from the GCSE product design final coursework were also on display. The brief had been to design and build self-assembly furniture, with a diverse range of shelving units and coffee tables on display considering the students had all had the same brief.

Issac Padwick-Morriss had designed a toy storage unit and seat inspired by, and created for, his younger brother Charlie.

Emma Wade, leader of design technology and food technology, said: “It is a fantastic opportunity for the students, whose work is truly exceptional, to feel pride and know that not only friends and family, but the general public, can view the products of their hard work and talent.”

Filling the window ledges were products from the year ten steam punk and mechanical inspired upcycling project, which used recycled materials from a range of sources to create hats and jackets.

The focus on sustainability was continued with the beach themed items which used a range of seaside inspired recycled materials to create the pieces. Alongside the final pieces were the detailed and textured planning sketchbooks.

Gail Christie, director of art and design technology, said: “The work of our students is truly outstanding and it is fitting that it is given a professional venue to really show off their talent. For those students leaving Durrington it is a great way to celebrate all their hard work over the past two years.”