Family-friendly cook book launched in Worthing

Glenis Rhead, Worthing mayor Ann Barlow and Danielle Gale W47791h11
Glenis Rhead, Worthing mayor Ann Barlow and Danielle Gale W47791h11

THE family and friends of people with drug and alcohol addictions have produced a family-friendly cook book.

Called What’s Cooking: Family Friendly Recipes, the book was the idea of the West Sussex Drug and Alcohol Action Team’s Families and Friends Network.

The community cookbook was launched at The Place, in Marine Parade, Worthing, in November, during which those who had contributed to it were on-hand to cook some of their recipes.

Network volunteer Glenis Rhead, who spearheaded the project, said: “One of the reasons for producing a recipe book was to promote the importance of families getting together and communicating.

“Being a recipe book, it highlights the fact that food and meal times are really important to all families.

“It’s when they’re together, enjoying a meal and sharing thoughts and views about their day without any distractions.”

One of the book’s recipes – a pasta bake – was contributed by Pete Bradbury, West Sussex County Council cabinet member for public protection.

He said: “Just after our youngest child was born in 1996, we had a Spanish student called Christina come to live with us for the summer.

“She cooked this for us and told us it was a family favourite with her family in Valencia. It is now a family favourite for us as well.

“Food is a big part of everyone’s life. It brings families together no matter what is happening around them. I would encourage all families to make time to sit down together for at least one communal meal every day. What’s Cooking: Family Friendly Recipes has attracted contributions from throughout the county.

“As well as underlining the importance of communicating at mealtimes, it has shown people who use the Network for support they are not alone.”