Half-term wrestling show in Worthing

R. J. Brewer in action
R. J. Brewer in action

American wrestling champion R. J. Brewer heads a list of international superstars of the grappling world who are heading to Worthing next week.

Brewer, the reigning Lucha Libre USA champion, is one of the big names appearing on the big half-term show, at the Assembly Hall next Thursday, May 29, that will also feature Japanese tag team title winner and Wrestler of the Year Zack Sabre Jr., Italian ace Antonio De Luca and Iranian star Behnam Ali.

Worthing fans will know the American in his previous existence when, as “Hurricane” John Walters, he defeated Doug Williams to win the Ring of Honour championship, and establish himself as arguably the top indie wrestler in the States.

He was last here in 2011 when he defeated Jon Ryan, while two years earlier, on his Worthing debut, he beat Joel Redman, on both occasions showing what a superb ring tactician he is.

Since then, however, Walters, who is a protégé of the legendary Killer Kowalski, has adopted the ring name of R. J. Brewer and gone on a campaign of destruction across America, in his new guise taking on a sharper, more aggressive approach to his matches.

It will be interesting to see which style he employs against Sabre, now a huge star all over the world and hailed as one of the best wrestlers on the planet in Japan since he and Yoshinari Ogawa defeated Jushin “Thunder” Liger and Tiger Mask.

While the Brewer v Sabre clash promises to be a classic of one sort or another, Worthing newcomers De Luca and Ali should also have the fans on the edge of their seats.

De Luca, the handsome, self-styled “Italian Stallion,” has made a big impact on British wrestling since his arrival from Rome, while the all-action “Persian Prince” Tiger Ali has just returned from a successful tour of Japan.

Tickets for the show, including reserved ringside seats and discounts for advance bookings, are available from the box office, telephone 01903 206206, or online via the Worthing Theatres website.