Easter workshop bangs the right drum

The World Drum Music Concert at the Glynn Owen centre
The World Drum Music Concert at the Glynn Owen centre

BUDDING musicians spent their school holiday learning and performing different music from across the world.

Around 30 children, aged between eight and 13, attended a two-day music workshop held at the Glynn Owen Centre in South Farm Road, Worthing, to learn about music and musical instruments from different countries and cultures.

Led by Worthing musician Jim Bernadin, children used a range of percussion instruments – including steel drums, maracas and tambourines – to play music from countries such as Brazil, Spain and the Caribbean.

Jim, 45, said: “I run workshops up and down the country, but this is the first time I have ever held one in my home town, and I am thrilled with the response. The children were so enthusiastic and really willing to learn.

“I think, after so long, I have found a model where the children learn, and sound really good together, very quickly – and I think this is encouraging for them.”

Jim said he has had a very good response from the children’s parents. He said: “One child’s parents said to me their child couldn’t wait to get out of the door in the morning of the second day, which is fantastic. Hopefully, this workshop will have sparked an interest in music in some of the children, and they will go on to really appreciate music, or even become wonderful musicians themselves.”

Jim added: “I felt it was so successful, I am hoping to hold another workshop in the summer holidays.”

To find out more about Jim’s music workshops, visit www.worldmusicworkshops.co.uk.