REVIEW: Katy B @ the Brighton Dome

SHE has been heralded as the female face of dubstep.

But Katy B’s performance at the Brighton Dome last night (Monday, October 31) showcased a set list of R’n’B, jazz and house, transforming the 2000-plus capacity concert hall into a Hallowe’en party you definitely did not want to miss out on.

The audience appear sufficiently warmed-up after performances from grime MC P Money and garage artists Roska and Jamie George, who don’t seem to miss the scheduled warm-up act Ms Dynamite to get the crowd going.

However, it is obvious who the crowd are waiting for. Bounding on to the stage to the tune of the Michael Jackson hit Thiller and dressed from head to toe as a witch, Katy B yells to her fans that this is not just a gig, this is a rave.

A pretty steep claim to make, but Katy B soon gets the crowd at her command with her heavier beats – her album track Easy Please Me proving a winner with the crowd.

Katy B uses her backing band to its full potential, with the brass section adding a ska feel to her set. Coupled with her fluid vocals, the collective are able to not only produce Katy B’s signature twitchy dubstep but also more soulful tunes, such as tracks Movement and Go Away.

The set is broken up with an interlude of 90s club anthems Good Life and Show Me Love, which are pulled off flawlessly and give the crowd renewed energy.

However, the biggest crowd-pleasers were the Magnetic Man collaboration Perfect Stranger and the 22-year-old’s UK dance chart topper Katy On A Mission, which have even those in the seated tier on their feet, hands flailing in the air.

The night rounds off with a predictable, but nevertheless entertaining, encore of Katy B’s hit single Lights On. Although the track is traditionally performed with collaborator Ms Dynamite, Katy B’s enthusiasm works to end the show on a high.

The performance showed that what Katy B lacks in back catalogue, she makes up for in energy, enthusiasm and showmanship – her ability to entertain and please a crowd show promise for bigger venues.