Special half term wrestling spectacular in Worthing

Dynamic duo Dean Ayass and Danny Garnell
Dynamic duo Dean Ayass and Danny Garnell

Wrestling’s “Special Ones” roar back on to the Worthing stage next week.

And “Dangerous” Danny Garnell and his outspoken manager, the self-styled “Twisted Genius” Dean Ayass, are two men on a mission.

While Garnell, a bruising heavyweight with Worthing Trophy and Rumblemania victories under his belt, provides the brawn, Ayass is the brains behind the team that has made them the most talked about duo in British grappling.

Born of Arab descent, Ayass was educated at Brighton College, gained an honours degree from London University and works in the commerce sector. Which makes him more than just an easily dismissed mouthpiece for Garnell, as the fans would like to have it.

Monday’s big half-term spectacular will be the first time they have appeared at the Assembly Hall for almost a year, and if you believe Ayass it will be the beginning of a new era in Worthing’s long and distinguished ring history.

Ayass has long held a grudge against the Premier Wrestling Federation, insisting they continually ignore the title claims of his wrestlers. Garnell, he is quick to point out, has not been beaten in solo combat since the two joined forces in 2011 and has a big win over Joel Redman on his CV.

“They know he is the best and will beat anyone they put in front of him, but they don’t like us, so they pretend we’re not here,” blasted Ayass. “It was the same with Martin Stone, and look where he is now. In the States with the WWE.

“So we are going to have to force their hand so they can’t ignore us any longer. And it starts here with Zack Sabre.”

International superstar Sabre, a champion across the world in both the UK and Japan, who won the Worthing Trophy on his last outing, is the man in the firing line in the top of the bill bout on Monday (February 17) in what many ringsiders would pick as their dream match.

The star-studded supporting line-up includes “Wonder Kid” Jonny Storm, Southern Area champion Kris Kay and one of the biggest men in wrestling, giant James Kenna, who stands 6ft 8in in his wrestling boots, and also features the return to ring action of the notorious “Hit Man” Jon Ryan.

The action starts at 7.45pm, and tickets, including reserved ringside seats and discounts for advance bookings, are available from the Worthing Theatres box office, telephone 01903 206206, or on line via the Worthing Theatres website.