COMEDY: Rhod Gilbert’s flaming good night out

AUDIENCES can expect an altogether more mellow, yet by no means less amusing, Rhod Gilbert, to arrive in Brighton.

His latest live show, The Man With The Flaming Batternburg Tattoo, will take to the stage of The Dome on Monday (July 9).

A spokesman for the venue said: “Following several sell-out UK tours and best-selling stand-up DVDs, multi-award winning Welsh wonder Rhod Gilbert is back on the road with a brand-new live show. 

“A regular on Live At The Apollo and with his own BBC One show Ask Rhod Gilbert, he’s one of the world’s hottest comedians.”

TV’s Mr Angry, though, may very well of chilled out, as those attending the show are told they will find out.

“His stand-up rants on life’s minor irritations are legendary, but this year he’s a more mellow fellow altogether. He’s now so laid-back he even let someone tattoo a Battenberg on him,” the spokesman added.

“Will the new, chilled-out Rhod get his girl and live happily ever after, or will it be microwaved baked potato for one again?”

Tickets to the show, which will start at 8pm, are £25.

To book, call 01273 709709 or go to