Friends united in Worthing dance show

KARAVAN ENSEMBLE PUPIK: James Bellorini Photography
KARAVAN ENSEMBLE PUPIK: James Bellorini Photography

Friends Yael Karavan and Naomi Silman will dance together on the Worthing stage in their show Pupik.

Yael from Karavan Ensemble and Naomi from Lume Teatro, Brazil reconnect in a multi-layered, visual and physical two-woman dance show at the Pavilion Theatre on July 24-25.

Brighton-based Yael said: “Naomi and I met 21 or 22 years ago in London at the International School of Physical Theatre, and we studied together. I was in the morning group and she was in the afternoon group, and people were mentioning to us that we came from a similar background. And so we looked at each other a little bit suspiciously as you do when people keeping telling you ‘Oh look, you and she have got so much in common with each other?’ You are thinking ‘Well, what do they mean?’ And then you discover that it is actually like looking in a mirror and that you don’t always like exactly what you see! But soon after that we became very, very good friends. And then Naomi got married to a Brazilian and moved to Brazil. I continued researching and working with various Russian and Japanese companies until I started my own company in 2009. I had worked with other companies for a long time, and then since 1999 I have been teaching and sharing my work with groups of people and also looking at the idea of having a company that I could create work with. My first company was in London with my students.

“I have worked extensively around the world and I needed people that I could work with. I started a group that was like a laboratory or a training school. I moved to Brighton in 2009, and I was invited to do an art residency in an art space in Brighton, and the people that were running the gallery with me were saying to me ‘What is your dream?’ And I said that it was to start my own company. They just said that I should do it, and so I did. I was teaching for a long time, and I was already working with people that were open to this kind of work. The first project that we did was Ship of Fools, which was really about researching out inner archetype. I wanted to bring that into a theatre context. I wanted to make interventions outdoors with people leading their own lives and to show how the absurd part of life meets the real part of life. I wanted to get people out of their mundane way of seeing life in a certain way.

“I wanted to do something a little bit more playful and surreal through music and dance and physical theatre and also visual elements and comic elements. I wanted to help people to really awaken their inner child.”

And now, the piece is coming to Worthing.

“The project is part of our 21 years of friendship. When I went to Brazil every year, we were thinking about work and thinking that we should make a show together. We started to develop it and work on a creative journey together. Every time I came to Brazil we started working together for a week and then presenting the work in progress, and then when we thought we had really good material, we decided to make the show. We premiered it in 2015 in Brazil in Portuguese. The theme of the show is really international, and so we thought we should translate it into English.” 01903 206206.