REVIEW: Billy Connolly at the Brighton Centre

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WHEN you’ve wanted to see somebody on stage for a long time, there’s always the worry that they won’t live up to your expectations.

But, thankfully, this wasn’t true of Billy Connolly, who I saw perform at the Brighton Centre yesterday evening (Thursday, March 15).

The legendary comedian had my dad and I crying with laughter at several points, and the man in front was struggling for breath on a number of occasions.

And not only did he have tears streaming down our faces, he had been scheduled to perform for two hours, but actually provided almost three hours of comedy gold.

It had been a long-held ambition of mine to see Billy on stage, as my dad has been a life-long fan and told me tales of having seen him almost 30 years ago.

The Scot has an amazing ability to drift of topic for 10, 20 or perhaps even 30 minutes, before arriving back at the point where he left off.

It’s something he spoke about on stage, and said was more through luck than judgement, but I can’t help but think it’s all just modesty and that he’s just very, very good at what he does.

I can’t recommend him highly enough and hope he’ll ruturn to sunny Brighton soon.

Billy performs at the Brighton Centre again tonight (Friday, March 16). For information, see The Brighton Centre.