World War One classic from Arundel Players


Arundel Players’ next production is  Journey’s End, the classic First World War drama written by R C Sherriff.

The play opens on Monday, June 11 for six nights running until Saturday, June 16 at The Priory Playhouse, Arundel, BN18 9FA.

Directed by Gill Lambourn, Journey’s End is regarded as one of the most powerful and successful pieces of modern drama as well as one of the most acclaimed examples of literature dealing with the tragedy and horror of conflict.

Drawn from his own experiences serving as a captain in the East Surrey regiment, R C Sherriff wrote Journey’s End with first-hand authenticity.

Set in a British dug-out during the Spring of 1918, the action covers a period of less than four days leading up to a massive German attack on the British trenches.

Gill said: “The play concerns a group of British officers in the trenches on the front line in France.

“It captures the tension and claustrophobia as Raleigh, a new 18-year-old officer fresh out of English public school, played by Freddie Hill, joins the besieged company and meets his former childhood friend and hero, Stanhope, played by Ben Casson, and finds him dramatically changed beyond recognition.

“Journey’s End was first performed in 1928 with Laurence Olivier as Stanhope.

“ The play was an instant stage success and remains a remarkable anti-war classic.

“This play powerfully depicts the horror, futility and slaughter in the trenches, combined with moments of humour and passion.”

Performances start at 7.30pm from Monday, June 11 to Saturday, June 16.

Tickets for Journey’s End at The Priory Playhouse, London Road, Arundel.

Tickets cost £12 and are available from the Arundel Players’ box office on 07523 417926.

To book tickets for the show online, visit and follow the link or go to

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