Announcing Busk In Worthing 2021

Worthing music promoter Thom Milner-Smith ( is launching Busk In Worthing 2021, a day of co-ordinated busking throughout Worthing on May 1 2021 from 11am-7pm for all ages; free entry.

Monday, 19th October 2020, 10:00 am
Abi Flynn

Sign up at:“From the beach, Steyne Gardens, the pier, the wheel, the train station and throughout Worthing, it will be a programme of new and emerging live music talent, playing in open-air spaces, all day.

“The first act to be announced is Abi Flynn, UK singer and self-proclaimed Artist of Heart.

“With her radiant, soulful voice that weaves its golden tones through influences of jazz, soul and RnB, Abi’s music ignites something deeper in the heart of the listener,” Thom says.

“Having recently travelled to her own depths during a two-year cancer and self-healing journey which was quickly followed by an intense initiation into motherhood, Abi’s renewed sense of artistry serves to alchemise challenge and celebrate the full spectrum of the human experience.

“After previously being signed to Tru Thoughts Records and enjoying a successful music career as a featuring artist, supporting the likes of Roy Ayres, George Clinton/Parliament and Soul II Soul, it was her dance with death that catalysed her solo career and gave rise to her explosive forthcoming EP, Get Deep,” Thom added.

“With the support of her new label, Splash Blue, this heart-drenched EP was written and recorded with her prolific band of session musicians whilst undergoing intensive cancer treatment. Get Deep provides a triumphant and luscious musical landscape for Abi’s experience throughout this period of internal growth, and delivers subtly empowering messages in fresh, innovative style.”

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