Residents call for update on Worthing’s Brooklands Park upgrade

I’m writing in response to a recent letter published about Brooklands Pleasure Park and have to agree with the views and thought I’d share mine.

I used to visit Brooklands twice a week with my son as I live locally.

Brooklands was sealed off after two dogs were electricuted SUS-180813-110806001

Brooklands was sealed off after two dogs were electricuted SUS-180813-110806001

It used to be a place he loved to visit, play on the swings, feed the ducks, a ride on the train and maybe have a drink in the café. It used to be good for a walk around the lake and would be great on a budget. In the summer they used to have a free paddling pool for the children and an ice cream stand.

At weekends there would be soft play and indoor activities which would be a good option, too.

In addition, they used to have Hallowe’en train rides and Christmas events on, which was great for children.

On my recent visit, there was the playground but this was deserted.

The train was advertised as running on weekends but I think this is not the case as the train looked dirty and unused and no sign of being in use.

The paddling pool was closed and derelict. The soft play centre was closed up and there was a small burger van for the builders.

The atmosphere has gone from peaceful to confusing, eerie and depressing with no notices up about its future.

It is still advertised online as a ‘great day out with the kids’ and open when this is not the case. I would feel sorry for a tourist who came here.

Perhaps the owners would comment on the work being done since the lake drainage and any plans of reopening or closing down?

Tiffany Ryan, Ladywell Court, Lancing


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